The Original Solar Cam


Solar Cam Autonimo Product Brief v0.1 FC

The Digilant® Solar-Cam™ is the original ‘wire free’ surveillance and monitoring solution for remote or unattended locations. The Megapixel camera is solar powered making it completely free of the need for wiring and cabling. This makes the system extremely portable.   Our 3G enabled cameras allow you to view the most recent images in real time on your smart phone or PC via our intuitive dashboard at the press of a button. Additional monitoring station options are also available, making the original  Solar-Cam™ the ideal solution for keeping a secure eye on any remote or unattended locations.

The patented ‘Ultra Low Power Image Processing Technology’ enables the Solar-Cam™ to operate with only a small internal battery allowing it to be mounted high on a pole or building, well out of reach of vandals or flood waters.

The Solar-Cam™ is also available with interchangeable lenses, enabling the Solar-Cam™ to be used for either wide-angle or telescopic requirements.  The optional wireless motion detectors can remotely activate the camera from up to 80m away and are perfect for entry / exit points.

A new ‘Rugged’ version of the Solar-Cam™ has just been released for very harsh remote environments. The new IP67 housing is completely water and dust proof and has a large weather shield to protect it from the elements.

The Solar-Cam™ can also operate in a ‘time-lapse’ mode, allowing the user to load a customisable schedule to suit any application such as traffic or water monitoring.

For night vision, the Solar-Cam™ is available with a powerful white LED spotlight capable of distances up to 30m, providing well-lit colour images. Alternatively, for covert applications an infrared spotlight is also available.