The latest addition to our 3G capable range of cameras is the MG983G-30M which is produced by Bolyguard – the same company who manufacture the popular Scoutguard range. Whether you plan to use the unit as a security camera or as a game camera we know you will be impressed.

This camera is proven to work on Australia’s 3G network, unlike many other imported cameras on the market.  (The closure of the current 2G network in December 2016 will see many of the current trail cameras cease to transmit.)

The MG983G-30M can be programmed to take fantastic 30 Megapixel images and transmit them via the 3G Network to your nominated email address or as an MMS to your smartphone. It can also take and send true 1080p HD video with sound.

The 2-way communication allows you to control the camera using SMS or App from your Apple or Android phone.  You have the ability to arm and disarm the camera, request an on-the-spot image and broadcast sound.  The camera can even be programmed to call you when motion has been detected.

The camera provides 940Nm “Invisible Infra-red” illumination at night time and has a sensing distance of an impressive 30 metres with a 60 degree field of view.