Who are we?

Farm Cam is a Brisbane based company which specialises in wire-free, solar-powered and battery-operated security and surveillance cameras.  Our personalised service allows us to customise our range of cameras to suit individual customer needs.  Whether you need to supervise and protect a building site, monitor water levels or watch who comes and goes from your property while you are not there, Farm Cam will have a solution for you.

Our Digilant® range of cameras are Australian-made and are a globally recognised leading brand in the industry. This means that the back-up service provided by both the manufacturer and Farm Cam is easily accessible and time-efficient.

These cameras have the ability to transmit images directly off site using an internal 4G modem for remote viewing on the Digilant Online Dashboard and HikConnect App.  All you need is Telstra 3G/4G reception in the area you mount the camera and an internet capable device such as a PC, tablet or smartphone to view your images on, from wherever you are in the world.

Utilising its internationally patented Ultra Low Power video processing technology, Digilant® offers a range of surveillance cameras to suit many applications including domestic and commercial security, water level monitoring and construction.  These cameras are  fully programmed to your requirements and tested prior to despatch so simply need to be mounted and armed upon arrival.  There is no need to hire an electrician or cable-technician to run wires – these units are self-contained and therefore, very portable.

Farm Cam also offers a range of imported cameras.  These budget options are a fantastic addition to your security system.  They are powered by AA batteries and have an optional rechargeable solar panel for extended running time.  Images and/or video are recorded on to an internal SD card for easy viewing on a PC.  There is a range of accessories available for these units such as vandal resistant housings, swivel mounting brackets and python locks.

Call our office today to discuss your security and surveillance needs – 1300 85 65 60.